•  The wind and the waves

  • “The wind and the waves are always on the side of the ablest navigators” –Edward Gibbon.



Ducalista offers customized consulting solutions of outstanding quality at competitive rates. We work with our clients, understand their constraints and define custom solutions. The phenomenal positive feedback from our clients fuels our enthusiasm, passion and dedication to relentlessly work towards achieving our client’s goals.

Our team is known for its ability to perform under pressure and complete projects within its deadlines. If you have worked with us, you would have experienced the dedication and expertise we bring to the table. We have fostered deep relationships with our clients because of our ability to synergize, be flexible and adapt to the changing needs our marketplace.

There is no problem we cannot solve or find an appropriate solution for. We can assemble a team, find you that one specialist who can seamlessly blend in or assemble a team that works 24/7. If there is a time–sensitive project we will work in different time zones ensuring work on your project never stops till it is done. We give you the competitive edge that no other company can, simply because we promise to out-perform everyone else.

 Our team is equipped with the latest in technology and trained to work under pressure efficiently. We adapt to the changing needs of our clients and the marketplace. We optimize and prioritize our resources and technology initiatives to cost effectively align with the business strategy and goals of our clients.

At Ducalista we believe in management by projects, each assignment is handled with a perspective gained from synergistically partnering with small to large-sized organizations. We are flexible in our approach and maintain rigorous control over the quality of our services. We offer focused, in-depth expertise for specific industries and technical issues.

Our services:

  • Software Development
  • Q&A testing and Validation
  • Information Technology Staff Augmentation
  • Project Solutions
  • Support and Maintenance